Soccer Penalty Kicks

Show your friends and all people you are the best penalty kick taker in the world!

How would you like to compete against your friends on the most exciting soccer play there is? With Soccer Penalty Kicks, you get to face the goal keeper one-on-one and do your best to score! You can play against any people around the world or your friends and you can also check out your player ranking online on two different multiplayer categories!

This exciting new game includes:

  • Online ranking
  • Competitive scores
  • Multiplayer Online Cup
  • Multiplayer Ranked Match
  • Realistic ball effects based on kick
  • Easy to play
  • 3D effects
  • Amazing design
  • Touchscreen controls

Soccer Penalty Kicks is kid friendly and so easy to control that anyone can play! Just tap the screen to choose your direction and then tap it again to kick the ball. Each side you tap will add an effect to the ball, allowing you to add a curve effect to your kick or aim for the very edge of the box, always doing your best to dodge the goal keeper’s defense as you go!

With three different play modes, you can choose what better suits you. Quick Match will let you play offline against the computer, great for practicing. In Online Cup, you enter a knockout competition and winning every round grants you the gold medal. Lastly with Ranked Match, you play for points, winning will grant you 15, losing will cost you 10 and the more points you have, the higher you will be in the worldwide ranking! So pick up Soccer Penalty Kicks now, give it your best shot and score!

This game is free and we hope you like it!

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