Robot DIR

Help Robot DIR rescue his friends!

Help DIR find his family of cute hedehogs and join this epic adventure! Play through 90 levels and two different worlds with an innovative way to play and high end graphics!

DIR was adopted by a hedgehog family after been left in stand by mode for long years, but now they were kidnapped and it is up to you to help DIR find his family.


  • 90 challenging levels
  • Fight big bosses
  • Different powers
  • More than 20 different platforms
  • Use the special shield to avoid damages
  • Use the checkpoint item to make your life easier
  • Amazing graphics and animations
  • FREE Updates with new levels
  • Innovative control: single touch control
  • Easy to play


To help DIR find his family, you have to help him find his way through the levels using the platforms. DIR is a very special robot and he has the ability to absorb the power of a platform when he is on it. To be able to use the power of the platform DIR absorbed, you just have to tap or hold the screen.

Each level has a kidnapped hedgehog to be saved at the end, and it is your task to make DIR get there using the platforms to be able to pass through all level and enemies you will find.

What people are saying about Robot DIR

★★★★★ - Unique and outstanding. This game is bursting with original and interesting ideas that hold as much creativity and talent as angry birds and cut the rope have. A lot of games are cheap versions of better games you've played, or from a very familiar genre, but sometimes you come across a game that defies any category. Basically, this one. I would pay for this game, not to mention pay for extra levels. Well done. - Lewis (player)

★★★★★ - Who Ever Knew Android Puzzle Game Could Be So Addictive & Challenging - Editor's Pick from AppEggs

This game is original and free. We hope you like it!